The development guideline

Supporting many parsers with few developers is impossible. We invite the person who contributes a parser to u-ctags team, especially if the target language is updated frequently. TypeScript is a typical frequently updated language.

This page gathers random notes for newly joined members.

Common topics

You are the maintainer of your parser, of course.

You may update your parser as you want under the rules described later.

You may review pull requests changing your parser.

A parser exists and is maintained independently form other parsers. However, considering the consistency between parsers are not bad.

You can put your name to docs/developers.rst.


Rules for reviewing a pull request

  • Put your rough schedule as a comment if you don’t have time, but you want to review.

Rules for modifying our repository

  • Make a pull request even if the change is small enough.

  • Wait for one day till merging even if the change is small enough.

  • Wait for 3 days at least for non-small change to your parser.

  • Wait for 7 days at least and get an LTGM comment from a member of the team if your commit changes the other parts than your parser.

  • Add a test case to your pull request. To make git-bisect happy, don’t add a test case for a feature or a bugfix before adding the code for the feature or the bugfix.

  • Even if a pull request includes multiple commits, each commit must be semantically well separated. Sometimes you may want to adjust whitespaces in the code. Adjusting whitespaces is o.k., but don’t mix the other change with it. Make a commit just for the whitespaces adjustment.

  • “Misc Fixes” is allowed as far as each commit in a pull request is semantically well separated. Sometimes, you may fix various minor things randomly. Making pull requests for each of them is boring. You may want to make “mix fixes” pull request especially if your code is young.

  • Use [WIP] prefix as the title of your pull request, if you don’t want people to take time for reviewing your code. Removing [WIP] implies “ready to be reviewed.”

  • Use [FYI] prefix as the title to show your idea or sketch represented in C language.

  • Use the name of your parser as the prefix of a pull request if your change is about a parser.

  • Use the name of your parser as the prefix of a commit log.

         C++: record template type parameters to detect the end of template prefix
         If we know Foo is a name of type, it becomes easier to detect whether
         ">>" in "Foo>>" is a shift operator or the end marker of the template
    In the above example, "C++: " is the prefix.
  • Use following prefixes for the changes other than parsers.


    Changes for files under main/ directory


    Changes for the test cases under Units directory


    Changes for the test cases under Tmain directory


    Changes for the docs/*.rst.


    Changes for the man/*.rst.

    See also the output of git-log.

  • Combine prefixes with a comma if a change modifies multiple parts of our source tree

    Here is an example.

    commit 64a05963c108af4b7832a2215006ff5cafcaaebb
    Author: Masatake YAMATO <[email protected]>
    Date:   Tue Mar 19 12:19:37 2019 +0900
    main,Flex,JavaScriupt,SQL,refactor: introduce a helper function to skip two character sequence
  • Use following prefixes if the change as no run-time impact.


    • Remove whitespaces at the end of lines
    • Adjust indentation
    • Remove an empty line


    • Rename symbol names


    Code transformation that doesn’t intent changing run-time behavior

    These prefixes reduce the load of reviewers.

  • Use “git rebase -i” and “git push --force” to refine your change in the meaning of “semantically well separated.” “semantically well separated” is important than “recording the history of your try and error.”

  • Use [INCOMPATIBLE] as a prefix for both pull request and commit log if the change breaks the compatibility with Exuberant-ctags. Write an explanation in man/ about the detail of breakage.

  • Use [SELF-INCOMPATIBLE] as a prefix for both pull request and commit log if the change breaks the compatibility with Universal-ctags itself.

About documentation

  • Update documents. man/*.rst files are the source files of our man pages. The man pages are for users. docs/*.rst files explain experimental new features. The files are for developers. The parts of contents of docs/*.rst should be moved to man/*.rst in the future.
  • Write docs/parser-<NAME-OF-YOUR-PARSER>.rst as you want. A FAQ and the design or your parser are common topics. Consider the maintenance of your parser after you left the project for some reason.