Who we are

Please, add your name, background and interests here If you are interested in contributing to Universal Ctags steadily. So we can dispatch a task and/or an issue to the right person!

(Keep the list in alphabetical order.)

Cameron Eagans <me@cweagans.net>

I’ve been a PHP developer for almost 10 years, and have been using Vim almost as long. My goal is to help guide the direction of the PHP parser, as well as maintain the ctags website and help guide new contributors to tasks that they may be able to help with. With time, I may end up contributing directly to ctags development, but my C skills are not so great at the moment.

Colomban Wendling <colomban@geany.org>

I am a developer of Geany, a lightweight IDE/editor that uses CTags parsers to provide various code insights for a large variety of languages. I don’t use CTags directly but through a (currently) internal library. Hence, my fields of interest are the quality of the parsers (good and comprehensive results) and their code (speed, proof against any inputs, absence of memory leaks, regression tests), and a CTags library applications could use more readily. I am mostly a C developer, but as the maintainer of the CTags parsers in Geany I work on all parsers.

Frank Fesevur <ffes@users.sourceforge.net>

My current use of ctags is for a Notepad++ plug-in I’m writing. The plug-in is not yet released because of problems with the Windows version of ctags. Those problems are fixed by now. I am a Windows developer, but also an occasional Ubuntu and Raspbian user at home. I wrote the windres parser.

Karol Samborski <edv.karol@gmail.com>

I like programming in multiple languages such as Haskell, C/C++, TypeScript, PHP to name a few. Ctags are useful for me as I code mostly in Vim. My goal here is to take care of the TypeScript parser.

Ken Takata <kentkt@csc.jp>

I use ctags with Vim mainly on Windows and Cygwin. I’m the one of the heaviest contributors of Vim. I set up the AppVeyor environment and I’m also maintaining the ctags-win32 project.

Masatake YAMATO <yamato@redhat.com>

I’m using ctags in batch jobs running on my source code base where most of all source code in Fedora are deployed. I’m an Emacs user, so generally I don’t use ctags interactively except when hacking Universal Ctags. Therefore my primary goal is to improve the robustness of parsers: I introduced Units test facility and badinput command for achieving the goal. The secondary goal is to support more languages and formats: I introduced optlib. I’m working on Fedora. I don’t have access to the other platforms.

Qingming He <906459647@qq.com>

I’m mainly a Fortran developer and I use ctags combined with Emacs to handle my projects. My goal is to improve the Fortran parser to make it support Fortran standards from 77 to 2008 and maybe 2015 to be released in the near future. I’m also interested in improving the lisp parsers (elisp and scheme).

Szymon Tomasz Stefanek <s.stefanek@gmail.com>

I’m a multilanguage developer and I use ctags with my own text editor which has some IDE capabilities. I’m the maintainer of the new C/C++ parser.

Vitor Antunes <vitor.hda@gmail.com>

I’ve been working with Verilog for most of the last 10 years and am an avid Vim user. My goal is to improve the Verilog parser such that Vim can get the most out of it in plugins like Tagbar and to support the Omni completion plugin I am writing.